Snapshot of my baddies….any advice is welcomed. Thanks

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    First Primer Bank CC
    Opened: 6/2007
    DOFD: 7/2007
    Reported as a CO
    Limit: 250
    Balance: 411
    note- I never purchased anything with the card. the balance is due to fees. I didn’t realize that i was being charged a $189 fee for opening the card. When i attempted to cancel after realizing what i’d done they stated that i could not close the account until the fees were paid.
    AAFES (Military Star)
    Opened: 6/2010
    Reported with 2 30day lates (October and December 2010)
    Limit: 3150
    Balance: 2700
    note- Sent good will via email on 5/6/12*and fax 5/13/12. Awaiting reply
    Harris Originals
    Opened: 1/2001
    DOFD: sometime late in 2004
    Balance: 599
    note- expected to drop off report 5/2012, so hopefully next month i won’t see it anymore.
    Pioneer Military Lending
    Opened: 12/2005
    DOFD: 8/2006
    Balance: 3758
    AFNI (verizon utilities)
    Opened: 8/2010
    Balance: 192
    note- sent PFD letter on 5/13. Got reposnse on 5/15 saying that they will investigate my dispute (I didn’t make one) and forward their findings to me. ended email with “WE DO NOT EXCHANGE PAYMENT FOR DELETIONS.”
    Credit Collection Services x2
    Opened: 3/2006 and 9/2007
    Balance: 125 and 192
    note- sent DV. It appears they are attempting to collect for cancelled insurance policies. Awaiting response
    Armada Corp
    Opened: 6/2010
    Balance: 1168
    note- for a divorce attorney that i had hired. we disputed how she used my $5000 dollar retainer and an additional $1500. After 14 months i replaced her with another attorney and he had to begin the process all over again.
    Civil court;
    Filed: 7/2005
    Balance: 2399
    note- Apartment eviction. I was deployed at the time and my former spouse moved out and didn’t pay the rent. I returned from deployment and didn’t know about the court summons or eviction until i checked my CR. She (ex spouse) told me that when our lease expired she decided to move to another complex.
    I have no clue where to start and how to get this cleaned up. I know this is a long process but i’m hoping to clean up what i can in the next 3 months. Just found out my transferring to FL the end of the year and have hopes (even though they are sllim ones) of buying my first house.
    Any ideas? Thanks

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