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    Dear Wife and myself filed for ch 7 bk, which was finally discharged in Dec 2011. *We opened a $2000 dollar secured loan with a local credit union in Jan 2012. *Made 2 on time payments on it, 2-2012 $300 *3-2012 $200. *We both applied for the capital one mastercard (at their invitation), we were prepared to pony-up funds to secure this card as well. *To our amazement and surprise, we both came back approved, without any security deposit!! We didn’t think this was possible. *She got $500 dollar unsecured credit limit. *I got $1000 unsecured credit limit. *We added each other to both accounts as authorized user, so we can piggy back off each other. *Were just amazed that we were approved for unsecured credit this fast after bankruptcy. *They further stated that after 5 months of timely payments we may qualify for a credit limit increase. *This was also at 0% apr for the first 12 months, with no account fees!
    *Were wondering if they made a credit decision blunder in our favor? *Other than the small credit limits, this seems like a credit card account for someone with good established credit, with no bk’s or derogs on their report. *Capital one rocks!! *(so far )*
    Any thoughts on this?

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