Should we walk from this home?

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      My wife and I recently put an offer in on a short sale.* The listing agent would not get back to us about our offer for almost 2 weeks until finally he said “The owners are making a decision this weekend”, then “They are making a decision on Monday.”
      After all of this, he finally said the owners are accepting our offer.* This was 4 days ago and we have not received any acceptance offer letter, or any communication whatsoever as to why we haven’t gotten it after repeated phone calls and messages. (The home is still listed as Active)
      My question is, if it is the listing agent’s job to facilitate a short sale by calling the bank, and stopping the foreclosure process, should we take these indicators that his agent is not really qualified for this sort of transaction and move on?* We love the home, but it’s like pulling teeth just to get a word from this guy, let alone get any sort of paperwork.* We have other offers that have been accepted, but love this house the best.* Another offer is a standard sale and is a sure thing for us, so I know it’s risky choosing a short sale over a standard, but if it’s a home my wife and I want to live in for the next 10 years we feel it’s worth the risk, if it wasn’t for this terrible listing agent.
      Another question is, is there a* way that our agent can work with the bank?* Or a way that someone else can be involved?* It’s annoying that a few hundred thousand dollar transaction is make or break it by the listing agent.
      Thanks for your help.

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