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      I have a 685 credit score according to “Credit Sesame.” As of right now, I have $12,000 of student loan debts + that will increase for 2-3 more years. I started receiving student loan money in the fall of 2009. I should make it clear, I have not received any bills to start paying that loan off, and I most likely will not until I am done with college.

      More recently: I had a Boscov’s credit card and accumulated ~$150 in debt. I paid off each bill on-time and canceled the card.

      Today: I went to the doctor a couple of months ago for a health concern. Received a letter from a law-firm demanding payment for that medical bill equaling $131. I just paid that off.

      And that sums up all of my debts and experiences with credit. So the question is:
      Will the payments I made to boscovs + the lawfirm increase my credit score? And more importantly, why is my credit score not higher than 685?

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