Should I start a credit repair service?

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    I have been aswering questions for people on and off of the Internet and I have gotten at least twelve people asking me to help them with their finances. I am thinking it might be worth it to start a credit repair company. Most people are willing to pay $50 -$70 a month for my services. What should I do?

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    you can have your own credit repair business withour company. We pay you $200 per transaction or sale. You will get a website like this one Also you get your own mortgage company, real estate training and more. To sign up go to and you have to upgrade to take advantage of all these offers.

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    I have a buddy who started a business where he will take a person’s credit report and dispute all of the charges for you, file the paperwork, etc. He says on average creditors don’t respond within the required 30 days about 80% of the time. He charges about $200 for this service and makes a very nice living. Go for it!

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    Go to to find the nearest SCORE chapter. Contact them to arrange for a free one on one meeting with a SCORE counselor about how to start a credit repair service.

    SCORE is a nonprofit organization. They provide a public service by offering small business advice and training. .

    SCORE’s 10,500 volunteers have more than 600 business skills. Volunteers share their wisdom and lessons learned in business. The volunteers are working/retired business owners, executives and corporate leaders.

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    credit repair services are rip-offs

    Do you really want to rip-off money who can’t afford
    to pay their bills already?

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    I’d forget it… it’s like taking advantage of people who aren’t aware that FREE help is available to them. Do something that creates some excitement for you… and you’ll sleep better at night knowing you’re not ripping people off.

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