Should I do debt consolidation or a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

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    Ok so here it is, I am 20yrs old. I have finished school and have student loans unsubsudized and subsudized equaling around 13,000.00 (with interest) that are still in good standing on my credit. While attending school i bought a car working full time during the day and part time school at night. I lost my job and had my car reposessed equaling about 2,400.00(America 1st Credit Union) after collections and a student credit card through Cyprus Credit Union equaling about 400.00 after going to collections, also had to go to court for breaking a least on a health hazzard apartment per the board of health owing 4,500.00(not sure if its in collections) now that they have gone to collections its caused there to be 4 negative marks instead of 2 that I know of. What would be my best option? Please help!!!! Please no smart ass remarks, I know I have been irresponible but you dont understand the situation most of these credit problems are because I was helping my mom out and supporting her after she lost everything because of my dad who was in prison on possesion charges!
    I am back to work so thats not a problem, I am licensed as an L.M.T, and currently working on a pharmacy technicians license through my employer. So thanks #2 for your info but thats not what I was asking

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