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      There is a house my wife and I really like. Its gone about 6 months and it hasnt sold through the realtor. I believe the people selling the house contract ends with the realtor on January 1 of 2012. At this time, they are free to list with another realtor or sell on their own, etc..

      Would it be appropriate if I would contact the home owner and tell them that after their contract ends we would like to buy the house and ask them if they would be willing to sell their home directly to us and skip the realtor. Right now they are listed with a realtor and they charge 6%. I would ask them if they would sell us the home and reduce it by 6% since they are directly selling to us and there is no realtor involved. Would that be ok to do that or should I go through the realtor? Any information would be great. We are looking to save money and I thought of this idea. Thanks!

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