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    Hello there, I was wondering if a realtor up there could help with their experience. I’m purchasing a home a Short sale in Anaheim, so far the seller’s agent, hired a negotiator to deal the the bank chase, as of today closing cost should be covered, Intially the offer was accepted with 3% closing cost and 3% commission by the agent, back in the beginning. The agent did not disclosed on her mls report about the negotiator fee neither FHA loans or not repairs been cover, paid for, estimated $3000.00. Now the agent is coming back saying the bank is not paying for repairs, missing garage door to living room, broken window, light switches covers, carbon monoxiced and fire alarm detectors. So far the agent wants to only cover the detectors! now my questions is are banks usually not covering repairs on short sales, and is it the seller’s agent suppost to bring the property up to code?*** Thank you in advance for you input, its driving me crazy, close date has been delay all of the repair cost and the negotiator have not been able to increase their commision from 2.50 to 3%



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