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    Hello.* I am new to this board and have spent a lot of time digging around, reading through threads, trying to educate myself.* There is a wealth of information here.* It is actually a little overwhelming!
    So here is my story.* My TU score was 437 two years ago.* SCARY low!* Since then I have done a LOT of work and I have gotten it up to 640 as of last month.* And I am honestly not sure what my EX or EQ scores are.* I have paid off a number of collections, two judgements, I have opened up a few revolving accounts, and I have not had any type of new collection or late payment in the last 24 months.* I still have a lot of work to do though.
    1.* I still have two open medical collections, totaling $2151.* I would like to strike up some sort of settlement with them.* What are the proper steps to do this tomaximize my settlement?* Are there any example letters?* I was actually referred to a debt management company by a good friend of mine and they are saying they should be able to negotiate it down to $800…but they are also charging me $395 for their service and 15% of my debt savings (about $220).* They are also offering to work on getting some of the collections deleted and to remove the “account in dispute” status that is showing on the accounts I tried disputing about a year go (I actually managed to get a couple collections deleted).* I would like to try to take this on by myself if at all possible!
    2.* How should I begin to go about requesting that my paid collections be deleted?* And also the paid judgement?
    3.* Also, how should I go about trying to get the late payments removed from my trade lines.* I had some lates on student loans and on an auto loan.* The student loans racked up late pays as they came out of deferrment and I was still unemployed.* And I ended up refinancing the auto loan (to take equity out to pay off the collections and judgements), but in doing so it left the late pays on that paid off loan, even though I had about 24 months of solid pay history after that.
    Sorry for all of the newbie questions, this is just a confusing and overwhelming situation and I need some help getting these final few issues straightened out.* I would love to get my score up in the 700-720 range so I can buy a house in the next 6-8 months.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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