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      Hello all,
      I have submitted identity theft documents to the major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, and had a question about Equifax. I sent all of my documentation via certified mail and received return receipts via email. Upon delivery of my documents to TransUnion and Experian, the free Security Freeze was placed on the reports by these burueas within 48 hours. Equifax on the other hand has sat on my documents for well over two weeks and has yet to place a security freeze but instead just put an extended fraud alert on my file which I did not want (and now has carried over to the other bureaus). I sent another letter last week and it has yet to produce any results as well with Equifax. Is there some other method I can take to actually get some results from Equifax? I live in Atlanta and Equifax is based here but yet they seem the hardest to get results out of.
      Thank you

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