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      My wife paid off her account with Santander.* She recently applied for another car loan with a different creditor who offered low interest.* She was denied.** I believe the problem is with the Santander account.* I have notcied recently that the Santander trade line has several lates listed which are not authentic.*
      I’ve been researching Santander and have found that they quite often list accounts with lates when there aren’t any.* I also see where Santander has a class-action suit filed against them for the same.* I have an email into the suit petitioners to see if my wife can join.*I also see where many of the members here have also had a lot of problems with Santander.* I’m reading the messages but I’d like to start a current dialogue on my wife’s situation.
      I’m interested to hear of situations concerning unauthorized lates on anyone’s Santander account and what they have done about them.* This includes anyone who does or does not have an account with Santander and*knows of a remedy.

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