Sallie Mae Student Loan showing as consumer finance account

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    I’ve been scratching my head for months trying to figure out how I have 7 consumer finance accounts on my Equifax.* I just got my Transunion today and it has a better score(660 TU – 614 EQ)*despite what is an obviously worst report (overlooking the 7 consumers)…as there is a collections on it.* I compared the two, and TU has the old Sallie Mae student loan accounts with a Student Loan symbol and the details say the type of loan is student loan.* On the other hand, EQ shows these same loans with a money bag symbol and the type of loan is Installment.* I think EQ is seeing these as consumer finance accounts.* On top of all of this all of these loans were consolidated into one and the old loans closed 8-9 years ago.* Both the old loans and the consolidated new one*are in good standing – pay as agreed, no late payments.* Should the old loans even still be showing up with last activity dates from 02 and ’03?* And should I dispute these Sallie Mae loans being classified as what appears to be consumer finance loans?* The old loans total 7 the exact number of consumer finance accounts on my Equifax.


    Thanks in advance for any advice.* I’m new to this.


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