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      My father had a reverse equity mortgage on his house, he passed away and i was told by him to be the one to take care of all his final wishes like paying his bills and contacting the mortgage company to let them know he died, etc.. I paid his cell bill, home phone bill, city water bill, electric & gas bill, Dish network bill, Insurance bill, landscape company bill and many more. Im not listed with the state or anything as an executor but i guess im kind of doing what an executor does. I contacted the company that had the reverse equity mortgage with him and told them he passed away, they wanted a letter stating the house was locked up and the utilities were off as well as a death certificate…i did what they asked. They said the heirs/siblings/family had 6 months to get any personal property out of the house. They said that the heirs/siblings/family were not responsible for anything. Now they are asking if i am the executor or speaker for the family and what my phone number is and my address and they want a hand signed letter stating that i am the executor/speaker and that the property is secure. Their are many people that have keys to that house, like sisters, daughters, etc.. i can not and will not guarantee that a vacant house will remain secure in any neighborhood for a period of 6 months. I live 1690 miles away and im no longer anywheres nears that house. Are they looking for a fall guy or something? Should i be giving them my name and everything? Can i be held liable or responsible for anything? I did what they wanted and now they want more.
      In response the the first answer…changing the locks doesnt “secure” anything, if it did, no house would ever get broken into. New locks doesnt prevent someone from getting into the house…also, im 1700 miles away, its kind of hard to go over and change the locks. There is no court or state appointed executor, i just took care of my dads final wishes for him and paid everybody i could think of and made every call to everybody i needed to in order to pay his final bills and stop any services that were no longer needed.

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