Repairing my husbands credit with goodwill letter?

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      My husband is applying for a home loan and he has a few late payments from earlier this year. So we wrote a goodwill letter to the company. Here is there response.
      “This letter is conformation that a request to delete any delinquency that occurred since 12/01/2008 has been sent to the major credit reporting agencies”.
      “Please retain this letter for future reference. We apologize for any inconveinence this may of caused you.”

      So they are going to have the major credit agencies delete the negative items correct? I just want to make sure Im reading this right. We have had terrible luck lately and I hope that is what they are saying. If so, how long until we see it removed from the credit report?
      Nothing is in collection the account has been on time for 5 years other than my husband losing his job for 3 months the begining this year. So we were late (but paid) january, feb., March. Then on time since April and paid in full.

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      Well….I guess there’s no harm in trying…but it’s really not going to work.

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      I’m afraid it doesn’t mean the negative items will be deleted it just means that the letter will be added to his records so whenever a company checks his credit rating the letter will be there for them to read .

      Defaults cannot be removed and stay on record for 6 years .

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      This is a little known secret in the collections business.

      It is referred to as a Indicator of Deletion letter, and yes, the credit bureaus will delete the negative I9 indicators on your file, provided the issuing Company indicates such on their next batch of tape transmittal’s.

      If the issuing company neglects to provide this information, file a line item dispute with the three major players in the credit business (Experian, Trans-Union, Equifax) providing a copy of the letter to validate your claim.

      If you or your husband have collection items, talk with your collector and request this letter in exchange for payment in full, settlements don’t count, as they make you look worse to credit grantor’s than defaulting in the first place.

      If your reasonable with a collection agent, they have a lot of power to help you repair your credit, I have been doing this in my agency for well over ten years. Negotiation not demands will get you what you need.

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      It won’t help his credit score number; but, will be in a narrative available to companies pulling his credit. If he is on the edge of approved/not approved the loan officer can review things like this and it may help.

      It will not actually remove/hide his previous late payments.

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