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    We have all been told by the landlord to vacate our unit obviously durring this fumigation process. He has stated in a written notice that we will be compensated a rediculously small amount of money to stay at a “friends house” or a hotel for two nights. He continues to say that we can deduct this from our rent. First, because of the area, and time of year (beach community) being “high season” the amount offered would not cover a comperable hotel room for even one night. I also work from home and my work includes international hours that can run any of the 24 hour day. He is aware of this.
    Frankly I am insulted.
    In light of the tremendous inconvience to all of us tennants, his letter concludes with a statement reminding us of the tremendous cost this process comes to him. I call it the cost of doing business. Is there a specific ratio of rent that is appropriate in this case to put us up in a hotel? Something legal? Never mind that I find the whole idea just discusting. Thanks
    Kimmamer-I am curious as to why you did not list your qualifications after making such strong and frankly rude presumptions. I was able to contact legal advise today, and you are 100% wrong on all counts. (At least in my city. )The posters before you were much closer to the truth, I am entitled to “comperable accomodations.” And no dear, while I may disagree with his initial offer he is not a slumlord. He is protecting his investment. A multi-million dollar coastal resort property, which I happen to rent a condo in. I avoided speaking this way in my question as not to sound snooty and turn people off the way you did me! Not only was your response wrong, it was obsured. You may say, then why did you ask? Because I expected educated responses. Not “slum lord” talk or accusations of me being a trouble tennant! I hope this gets to you.

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