Questions about buying a foreclosure home in San Diego.?

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    I live in Michigan and have been drooling over the foreclosures in Ocean Beach, CA. I’m just scared of the property tax. How do I find out what the property tax is in San Diego? Their .gov site doesn’t tell me anything. I don’t want to commit to a realtor until I get more information. What are the foreclosure laws in CA.? I do plan on seeing the place before getting serious and my hubby can fix it up himself. My daughter lives in OB and I can put it in her name to take care of the residency issues. I would love to be able to buy her a place and let her rent out the extra room. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    That is a great question and I wish someone would answer it. I also have the same thoughts.If you try to call CAL VET , you will get no answers from my personal experience. My best thought is try to do a loan modification (not one that charges a fee) and see if it works. You are actually lucky to have lost only 60k less in equity. I have lost 175k in equity. Hope you find a better answer.

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    That is what your real estate agent can find out for you. Just ask him/her. That is their job.

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    I tried Keep Your Home California and they gave me a $50k principal reduction, to reduce my mortgage from $2490.00 to 1948.00 per month.

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