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      I am having a serious issue with my mortgage broker. *He is extremely rude and very unhelpful. *I was in tears the other day and my realtor assured me that she knows that he is a jerk and everyone has problems with him personally but that he always gets the closing and that is why she continues to use him. *
      We have put an offer on a home, seller has accepted, binder paid and we are now waiting on the bank to accept the offer. *My question is wether or not I can walk away from my broker and start working with another? *We had a pre-approval letter when submitting the offer and I am just not sure how all of that works. *I just think it is crazy that I have to keep coming here and to other boards to get advice and questions answered because my broker refuses to be helpful. *He was not like this in the beginning. *Part of me wants to just keep going with him but another says no. *I can’t even get him to give me a proper estimate of how much my payment may be. *He comes back with smart remarks and answers nothing. *
      My realtor told me that I need to take my high heels off and put my combat boots on to deal with him but I am not a fighter. *I hate conflict and I just don’t believe that I should have to fight someone that is supposed to be on my side and working for me in a sense.

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