Question About Leasing To Overcome Current Negative Equity?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a unique scenario. My daughter is about to start driving and I just discovered that the 2015 Mustang I currently own is going to drastically increase to insure once my daughter gets her license. Even if I make seperate policies for that car and the others it only saves me $5 per month so drastic increase either way. If I was to trade out into say a Toyota Yaris or Honda Civic I could save between $50 and $105 per month between both payment and insurance combined. I’m currently at 4.99% with a little under 60 months left on the current loan which was originally 84 months. Yes, I know that’s bad but the previous vehicle was not eligible for lemon law due to me moving out of state so I took what I could for it to get out. I love my Mustang but something more family friendly and cheaper is tempting so that’s the motivation here

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