Please Tell How To Raise Credit Score Quickly With Easy Steps?

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      RIght now my credit score is 490

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      If you could do it easy and quickly… every body would have a great credit score and the scores would be useless.

      It does not happen over night and it doesn’t happen fast.

      Get a credit card, use 10% of the card’s limit in a month, pay that off in full when the bill comes and wait a year or two…. and you will have established good credit for the short time you had credit already.

      Your credit history comes from the monthly payments that are reported to your credit report by the credit card companies and loan companies. Make the payments on time and don’t fall behind and eventually you will have a good credit score that shows prospective lenders that you handle your financial obligations in a responsible manner.

      Which is what they are looking for when they have to decide whether or not to lend you money.

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      Just make payments on time.

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