please read, i am scared and not knowing what road to take?

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    this will be a little long so anyone who reads this all the way through and gives an opinion i would be greatly appreciative. i have a little girl that is 6 in a half years old. she has colon disease which requires me giving her a nightly flush through her belly button. she is thin because of the surgeries she cant process food all that well.she has been in the hospital a total of 82 times and 2 surgeries which 1 almost took her life. she wil never get better from this but meeting her, you wouldn’t see a little one who lets this get her down. back when she was 2 her father and i went to the juvenile courts to set up visit times. he got standard every other weekends. we both felt he should get more time so i went back to the courts and had more time. he followed this order 1 time until 2 months ago. her visits were always at the grandparents. she was happy. had her own room and her father was happy because grandma did everything. i found out moths ago he got some skank girlfriend with 2 kids, and drove drunk with my child in the car. since insurance dint cover all medical supplies i figured it was time to get a review on the child support because he has a 17.00 an hour and a 9.00 job. i go to online school and cant work because of kenzies illness. right when i filed to modify visitation and to raise the child support, he hired and room ate of 5 yrs moved out for 2 months, got into some drug trouble which was no where near my home and he is using this against me. he is only supposed to claim even yr for our daughter on taxes and again this yr he did it again.the odd yrs are mine. i believe that he wants to get custody because he doesn’t want to pay support. even though my room ate did a stupid thing, again i wasn’t around. the court with her is over and she is taking care of it. he calls and tels kenzie things about court so now she knows and thinks she may have to leave and she cries. i am scared. she is my best friend. when we first went to court a month ago the judge told eric that he had to meet me to learn the procedure for my daughters tube. it has been a month and he has done nothing. i dnt want to lose my child over something i did not do. i have a cean record and he is out to ruin me. what do i do? if he gets her i a so concerned on he toll it will take on her mentally and he is filled with so much hate and love to keep his money, he wont care…please help someone, anyone.
    i do have an attorney, and he deals with family law. i blog things and have a tape recorder for my phone.

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