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      Many come here to find out if there lower scores would qualify (under 640).
      May be worth trying to keep these lower approvals in one thread for others to find easier.
      While I know there are still some being approved with scores as low as 580 but is rare even in these threads.
      I thought it may be possible to list down the Bank and or Mortgage Company, and which Loan Program (Conventional, USDA, FHA, etc etc…) you were approved through and if you applied through LO (Loan Officer in Bank) or Broker.
      This is an Example Only;
      Credit Score: 600
      Type of Loan: FHA
      Bank: CitiMortgage
      Applied: Broker
      This may help many who come and visit the forums.
      If any one can think of anything else that should be added please feel free to let us all know.

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