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      So my husband and I have been working for 2.5 months to get our credit cleaned up. We have gotten tons of stuff deleted and our scores are now above where we need it to be to get pre-approved. BUT our lender ran our credit yesterday only to find a new collection has popped up out of nowhere! It is so frustrating – we have never seen a bill or heard a peep from this CA until it was on our report. We left our last rental early because my husband hadn’t been working and the rent was ridiculously high. The CA says they are charging us for one month of rent, a late fee, cleaning, and lawyer fees. My husband talked to the CA and argued that we never went to court nor were served papers for court and have never recieved a bill, so the CA took off about $400. Does anyone else have any advice on how we can whittle this down so we can move on to buy a house? We absolutely do not have the money to pay this debt and it makes me so mad that we never once saw any bill from this CA or the OC.

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