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      I’m looking for some opinions and advice about offer strategy and overall buying strategy.

      The questions go like this:

      (1) Do you think it is an advantage of the listing agent not to know your situation?

      (2) *When you put in an offer, is there any way to force a decision soon without just putting up false bluffs? Our realtor suggested giving them two days to make a decision but then what happens if they just say, tough we’re going to wait.


      *I’ve put offers in on a number of houses and I seem to always lose. *This has been going on for months now. *Despite the overall funk of the housing market, I live in an area where real estate is hot. *My latest probable failure goes like this: We went to an open house on Sunday that was very crowded. *It’s our neighborhood so of course we ran into people we know and the listing agent got to know our situation a little bit (hard not to since people kept talking about it–we have a small house and two kids under 2). *We had heard that they already had several offers coming in and were planning to make a decision fast. *We also heard that the other offers were using financing and we are all cash so we put in our offer at asking price. *Well now we’re told the seller wants to wait a while and see what other offers come in. *I feel like we’ve now put ourselves in a terrible *position–no doubt the listing agents will quietly let it be known that they already have offers at asking price so anyone who comes in above will beat us out…plus, they know we want the house *and there isn’t really any other product out there so they can wait and wait. * I *understand putting in an offer and getting beat out b/c someone else put in a better offer. *But what seems to keep happening to me is that I put in an offer and then the seller decides to wait and I get beat out three weeks or a month later. *Thoughts?

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