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      I have decided to start to rebuild my credit I made some bad decisions back when I was 18. But at the time you know I did not think everything through. Now I am 22 and my Equifax Score is 500 flat. My report shows 4 charged off credit cards. (Capital one, BOA, HSBC, and Credit one) All of the accounts have been sent off to collections. There is two VW Credit auto loans on my credit one shows “Account closed payed Never Late” and the other shows “Pays as agreed*never late” *So basically i have 3 years of auto loan history on my credit that have never been a day late. My only real prolem is the credit cards history they were all charged off about 10 mounts ago at the same time. I have been told different things some say dont pay them the damage is already done a charge off is a charge off and some say try to settle for less then you owe with a lump sum payment to each for the settlment amount because that will look better. Whats the best course of action at this point ? my goal is to be able to get a new car in about 8 months and not get killed on the interest. thanks in advance*

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