No money, no honey? How will 24 million Chinese men find wives when they

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    cannot afford to buy a house? It appears that most women will not even date very successful and handsome men if these men do not own a home. (Actually nobody in China can own a home – but they can lease the property.)

    Since China has a huge real estate bubble that prevents most men from owning a home, how will they cope with this both this gender imbalance and with women’s requirement for home ownership by potential suitors?

    How will the 50 Cent Party of Internet spin doctors be able to afford a house if they only earn 50 Chinese cents per post?

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    they can always rent.
    i think half Californians are renting.
    my professor with 2 PHDs is renting too. renting is more flexible than owning a home.
    i don’t respect women or men who are materialists.

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    One solution seems to be the promotion of polyandry, if the men can learn to share.

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    It is not just men that suffer. Women suffer too. China is cracking down on prostitution. if successful, there will be more supply of women into the bridal market. That will help. The crack-down will have to stop the ever-escalating export of prostitution as well for this purpose.

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    I don’t think a man should have to own a home just to have a good wife. She should love him and work together the best they can.

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    Hire an attorney is the best way to do this…

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    pay up your balances, or at least pay on time. Do not apply for a new credit card or any other type of finances. Do not let anyone pull your credit. 30 day lates eventually come off, and if your more than 12 months away from them, they won’t hurt you in financing.

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    Check your credit report and dispute any errors. (Don’t dispute things that are true, just the real errors.) Start paying the collections which are the most recent since the recent history has more of an effect than the past. Pay items down to less than 30% of the what you owe so that you are using less of your available credit. There are more items, but those would be my top 3 picks.

    The 30 day lates stay on there for 7 years, but have less of an effect after 2 years has passed since the late. Yes, a closedd account lowers your average account age which is one of the items calculated into your score. (You want open accounts in good standing.) I don’t know of a way to reopen the account. If you try, and the item is bad, then you just made the item look more recent than it actually is.

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    I have placed this in the source box. There is a wealth of information there and a great free debt management software program. I bookmarked the site as I return to it often for the advice it offers. I hope this helps you.

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    Bad credit can frustrate your efforts at getting a credit. Hence ensure you keep your credit report clean. If there are any errors in the report, undertake credit repair to clear out any errors. This can be tiring and frustrating, but highly rewarding. Though law recognizes and protects your rights, it is your duty to remove any anomalies in

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    It looks like you have a series of questions here, so let me try and answer each one individually:

    Can You Get Rid of 30 Day Late Payments?

    Yes, but it’s tricky to do. Late payment notations tend to drop of your credit naturally after 3-5 years, but if you can’t wait then you need to speak to the creditor that you paid late since they control the information that led to the bad notation. Make sure you’re in good standing with this creditor for at least 3 months if the account is open; if the account isn’t open, wait at least 3 months for the closing paperwork to be finalized. At that point in time you can call in to have them remove the negative information and 9 times out of 10 they will be happy to do it – just make sure to be polite. (86% of customer service agents surveyed responded that they are more likely to help a caller if the caller is patient and polite!) If this doesn’t work out you may contact the credit bureau directly… they will send you a form to dispute the negative information.

    How Long Will Late Payments Stay On Your Credit Report?

    As mentioned above, they will fall off naturally after 3-5 years. The reason they stay on so long is to act as an indicator to future creditors that you have had trouble paying bills in the past.

    If a Company Closes Your Account, Does that Hurt?

    It depends on why the account was closed. If your account was closed for late/non-payment (also known as “charged off”) then this will do the most damage to your credit as it counts as a loan default. If you closed the account voluntarily then your credit may suffer, but far less than if your account was charged off; the reason for this is because your total credit score is determined by how much credit you have available versus how much of that credit you’ve spent. A smaller total credit limit makes your credit score more susceptible to over usage penalties, so it’s best to keep some accounts open even if you’re not using them (just make sure they don’t have expensive annual fees!)

    What are 3 Quick Ways to Raise Your Credit Score?

    First let’s examine what makes up a credit score:

    • 35% – Payment history
    • 30% – Total amount owed vs. total credit available
    • 15% – Length of credit history
    • 10% – New credit accounts
    • 10% – Types of credit used

    The quickest way to improve your credit score is to improve the areas that are valued the most. With that in mind, the three things you could do would be (1) continuously make on-time payments and settle up past due accounts, (2) pay down your debt as much as possible without closing down account, (3) apply for credit line increases without increasing your spending.

    I hope you find this information useful – good luck!

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    Hey there I’ve got 10 steps you can use to build your credit score. I raised mine to well over 700 points from 500 using these steps:

    # Know and Track Your Credit Score
    # Never Miss a Payment, Starting Today
    # Never use more than 20% of your Available Credit
    # Keep Credit Cards that Have No Annual Fees Open For as Long as Possible
    # Extend Your Credit Limit on Cards You Already Have before You Get New Ones
    # Get Credit Cards that Have CashBack Rewards to Contribute to your Balance
    # Transfer Your Balance to a Credit Card with a Lower Interest Rate and a Higher Available Credit-
    # If You Think You Are Going to be FORCED to Pay a Bill Late Ask for an Extension or Payment Plan
    # Take out a Small Personal Loan and Repay it Over a Year
    # Ask Someone With Good Credit if They will Account Shadow you

    Read the full article here, it gives you an overview of credit scores, and the 10 steps in detail on page 2:

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