no insurance driver provided false info on police report?

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      my friend got rear-ended on my bike and the at fault driver had no insurance. I received the police report and called both the mobile number and home number. at fault driver answered cell phone and i asked if he wants to come to an agreement on payment for repair bills. he said he called his insurance company and was waiting for them to call back, my insurance company informed me beforehand that he had no insurance. knowing this, I then asked for his insurance information. he hanged up on me. I tried calling him back a few times and apparently was avoiding me. I then called home number provided on police report and an elderly man answered. he had exact same name as at fault driver. informed him about motorcycle incident and he informed me that it could not have been anybody in his household for he does not even own a ’92 white accord. same exact name, same address but different person.

      I was given false information on a police report and would like to know what are the penalties involved in this. should i report this to the police? after all these lies, I do intend to seek max penalties. hopefully he committed a felony. that would make my day.

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