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    I own two properties outright but they are in Mexico and spend most of my time there. *But, I’m born America and lived in USA 75% of my life. *My FICO score is average 770. *
    I want to make an investment in real estate near my mother’s home in Los Angeles. *I could pay cash for a small home somewhere but I want to use the deal to also get a mortgage on my credit history since I have none. *I’d want to pay it off quickly.
    My question is what kind of loan could I get that I could pay it off within 1-2 years without early payment penalties. *Since I have a $60,000 salary in USA (rest is Mexican) my total loan amount would be limited by that number. *I would think a 30 year loan would allow me a larger loan amount.*
    I realize this is an odd situation but any help would be appreciated.

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