New job, how long till we can get approved for a home mortgage?

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    My husband and I currently work self employed. Our job pays good a lot of the time, but it is up and down a lot too. Some months we get tons of work and others we are worried we won’t be able to pay the bills, plus then we have to save tons of money for taxes. So we have decided to get different jobs that will be more stable. How long do we have to have a job before we can try to get approved for a home mortgage? We found a house that we love, and I really would like to try to get it if we can.

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    Most lenders want to see 12 months of steady employment history.

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    We will look at 2 years tax returns. We want proof that you have been working for at least 2 years. If you get jobs now we would need 30 days worth of pay stubs before you could be approved. The problem is when people go from being regular employees to self employed, they have to wait 2 years. You will need a minimum credit score of 620 also. Good luck!

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    Two years in the same industry, three if you are self-employed. SE people have to bring 3 years tax returns.

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