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    Hello all,
    now that I’m reviewing my credit reports for the first time really, I found that I have a paid charge-off (the only baddie I have) in December 2011 from GE Money Bank. I knew immediately what it was, its from a collection for a Paypal Smartconnect account I used to have. I didn’t use it since 2010 and hadn’t heard from it or received any mail since 2011 and I wasn’t aware I owed any money, as I never used paypal either. Last December a man from a company called “Leading Edge Recovery” called and said I owed $364.44 on my paypal account. He didn’t know what it was for, but stupid me paid on the spot to not make it worse. The guy on the phone (I got his name and phone number) promised to send me confirmation of payment in the mail, but never did. I have contacted paypal a couple of times, but to this date I was not able to find out what I owed this money for. My credit report shows 30 days late in December 2010 and then getting worse till December 2011 when I heard for the first time about this.
    Is there any way for me to find out what I paid this money for and how the sum I paid was calculated ? I’m not aware of having purchased anything.
    To make matters more complicated, I was out of the country from Sept 2010 till Dec 2010 and my records/paperwork were destroyed in a fire at the UHAUL storage while I was away, so I don’t even know my complete paypal account number……
    Thanks for your help.

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