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      There is an older (1915) tiny home for sale in basically an acceptable (not first choice, but within my range) area. It has an ‘expired’ listing. It had been originally listed for I think 144000, then 109000 then 89900, now expired as of two days ago. A bank owns it. My friend is a real estate agent (on the side– but I dont think he knows all that much, and though a great guy, not the brightest bulb), and I called him up and we looked at it today with the combination lock thing.

      It is the PERFECT size I was looking for a tiny tiny 2 bedroom for me and my son. Not much to heat in winter- great!! Smaller for easier upkeep. It has nice wood floor in LR (though scuffed). the paint jobs are all slopy, thepaint is painted over a million times if you know what i mean, the proch sags, the furnace is OLD, the fusebox is OLD. Has a garage (yay) and tiny back yard. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I could see myself fixing it up and loving it.

      Now, about the price. How much should I offer for the bank to take me seriously, but yet get the best deal I can?? I make 48000/year. Also, since there are a lot of repairs to be done, I want the best deal. My friend says he wouldnt pay over 50000 for it, but he dosent understand my love of tiny houses…I dont want a bigger house…Please help, I am a first time home buyer and scared to death!! Thanks

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