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      We all make mistakes in life and unfortunately my mistake is costing me a lot. As I am getting older I’m finding that a lot of things are based from your Credit. I’m in debt about 15,000-25,000 dollars. Unfortunately the economy is getting harder to deal with and my budget is extremely tight. I made mistakes by being irresponsible and spending money frivolously. I’ve attempted to clean up some of my debt on my own in the past. I’ve not had the best jobs either to really support to pay organizations that say they will help. But it seems like they charge a lot and the places your trying to pay off are getting small amounts of money. I don’t have Credit Card debt. I have an old vahicle loan, medical bills, old electric bills, loans, and other small things. I can’t open a Checking account or Savings account which sucks. The job I’m in doesn’t pay very well and it seems as if I live from paycheck to paycheck. Can anyone please give me some very good advice that maybe I can really use. I’m very serious of trying to get my life back on track. I don’t expect it to get better in one night and understand it takes time for these things. Maybe even give me some budgeting tips. I’m open to all suggestions. Thank-you in advance for everyone that replies.

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