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      Hi guys, I am 8-9K overdrawn spanning over 3 bank accounts with Natwest. I have recently been made redundant and could do with some realistic advice/help on what may happen.
      1 is a Student Account; the other 2 are Current Plus Accounts.
      I wake up every morning dreading the Post and dreading the phone ringing and it being the bank either saying they want to speak with me, or saying that they are going to freeze my bank accounts etc..
      Can anyone advise me on the banks procedures in dealing with this? What will happen, I don’t want debt collectors coming around my house.
      Luckily for me, I am working with a close friend who is assisting me in crediting my account with funds. I have thought this through in attempt to keep the bank off my bank.
      I would also like some advice in knowing how to keep the bank off my back for the time being until I can find a job etc. Does anyone know of any approaches etc? I mean yes, I hate being absolutely broke but it will be a bit of relief if I could feel assured on what will and what won’t happen.
      Thanks in advance for any responses this question may get.

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