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      So, my mom is a makeup artist (free-lance and MAC, some weddings) but she only pulls in like 650$ a week. Sounds like a lot,but its not really. She makes $ 30K a year but she always complains about no being able to pay the rent for our condo. I get an allowance, but its small, i use it for clothes and jewelry and stuff. I got a phone last year for my B Day, (cheap, ) an LG…anyway i have to pay most of the plan and clothes and stuff. I get 30 bucks a month- and end up going to Marshall’s, Target, Wal-Mart, and thrift stores. I know I sound spoiled, but all my friends can go to Forever 21, and Pink, and A.Eagle, and Abercrombie- they where designer clothes. My mom goes shopping for groceries at the dollar store, wal-mart, and family dollar for food to save money so my house is not exactly food haven. My mom uses most of the money on rent, some on groceries, but a lot on her self- clothes, shoes, etc. She sometimes jokes that she’ll put me, or one of my fifth grade sisters, Jasmine and Tianna, up for adoption! I work as a babysitter sometimes but I usually use the allowance. Though my mom takes care of rent, food, and insurance- i buy my own clothes, pay my cell phone, and whatever else i want. I also am in charge of giving my little sisters some money for clothes, though mymom shops for them. It’s embarrasing because my friends and i go to the mall – and we go into Aerie and Hollister and Abercrombie and say, ‘oh this looks so cute on you’ but its forty bucks and i only carry 5-10 at a time. I pretty much buy myself everything i need, so when i turn sixteen, im going to have to save fr a car, for like, two years. I just need some help, any ways to save money? Suggestions?

      – Tayla <3
      Im 15, just saying.

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