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    Nobody knows what the rates will be like in six months. that’s the risk.
    Depending on how bad the credit is, Rates look very good now. Can you afford the payment comfortably, now? If so I’d do it.

    If you do, though, make sure you have a prepayment penalty that fits within your time-frame for rebuilding your credit. Also, there is something called seasoning that you must have before you refi. it varies between companies, but you usually have to make consistent payments for a year or six months.

    If you’re planning to buy then refi into a better loan, be aware of closing costs. Anytime you have a short term loan you want it to cost as little as possible, even if the rate is higher.

    Feel free to write me with any questions.

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    1. 6 months wont help your credit that much.
    2. interest rates will only go higher now. thing to do is save up 25% or wait untill your credit and your husbands credit score is at least 620.

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    I would say wait and get your credit better. A company called Financial Destination can get your credit repaired and they can show you how to do it free the web page is and also tonight is their consultation call which comes on at 9:30 pm Eastern Time I’ll be able to help you also call Stephanie after the call at 704 450 8877

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    I only had 2 inq on all three CR so why not do some apping…results so far.



    Alliant- 1000 Visa…No rewards kind of sucks

    Ctii-Diamon Perferred 5,500…NICE

    AMEX Zync-Was suprised


    Eq 680 TU 670


    My TU has no inq any prime card I could apply for with a FICO of 670?

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