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    ** As the title suggests, I’m having problems with Mcm.** Im hoping for some fresh perspective cause I’m having a aneurysm trying to figure the logic out.** It began as a simple enough dispute on Experian.* I disputed the account as not mine, it was the product of identity theft in 2007. ** THen then claimed that my dispute fell under the auspices of the fcba.**** The thing is they arent the original creditor, they re the 3 rd owner of this debt.** Then when I complained that they can’t claim fcba since they aren’t original creditor, nor is this a matter of a credit issue. ( Its over a old cell phone bill).* Then they switched it to register as a fcra complaint as its supposed too.* Now they ve switched it again to show up as a fcba issue,, again.* I just can’t figure out what these people are up to.** Then to add insult to injury, they aren’t even abiding by the policies of the fcba in the first place. I mean AARGHGHGH.*

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