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    I heard on one of these boards that someone was able to still piggyback off of their spouses credit card in order to help rebuild their credit and boost their score. I’ve also heard that it’s not allowed anymore. Anyone?


    I am having my credit re-scored next week and am wondering if this would be beneficial to me. This is in order to get my middle score to at least 600 (where we’d have to put down 10% for our home) or 620 (where we’d only need 3.5%).* Income-wise, we are ready and able to do either, but we’d like to only have to put down 3.5%.* My current middle score is 579.


    I’ve paid off all baddies that showed up on the tri-merge report run by my lender, but I don’t know if there are others lurking. I paid off and received PIF letters from the ones that reported when my lending officer saw the report. I just sent emails and faxes this morning for requests for deletes. I just found these myFICO boards and didn’t know to do that before paying those last month. *


    Something else I was considering doing was writing “partial payment for delete” letters to a couple of old accounts that are set to fall off soon, but I’d rather take care of them so they don’t jump out at us, unexpectantly-especially since nothing seems to fall off my report. They just keep updating. Any advise on that?


    So, would it be helpful since I’m being re-scored next week to have my husband put me on his BoA credit card? $300 balance and $1,600 limit. To address the: “Would this be your oldest account” question…I don’t think so. I’m about 5 years older than my hubby, so I’d assume my history is probably older than his, but I don’t have any current cards at all.* I know I had an old Discover, but it’s been old since 1997–they just keep updating it/sending me stuff, so it won’t fall off.* I don’t really know what to do about that either.


    Wow, I’m all over the place! Yikes!


    Thanks for any help.

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