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    Is anyone else doing this? I get many offers in the mail offering 1.99%,1.9% and most recently 0% introductory interest rates on credit cards with terms ranging from 6 months to 10 months. I have already borrowed and payed back 2 loans for 20000 and 50000 respectively and have profited on the interest difference between the intro rate and the gic rate.I never use the cards, dont even carry them in my wallet and intend to snip them up when the introductory rate expires. I arrange pre-authorized payments so never miss a payment which can incur high interest charges. The latest offer is from MBNA canada for 0% and when they told me about the 1% transfer fee I told them to cancel the card as I was not aware of any tranfer fee. 1% of 25000 was 250 bucks. They waved the transfer fee and I now have 25000 of free money for 9 months.

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