Long term infection, I keep killing the bug, but it has a reservoir to draw from, keeps reinfecting.

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    About 6 weeks ago I was deathly ill, but had an out of town assignment, a contract to fulfill, and did not want to permanently loose the grace of my Employer, (if I bailed they would NEVER hire me again).

    I was told in Beijing I could not buy antibiotics with out seeing a doctor, so I went to see a doctor.
    He would not give me any antibiotics and he turned out to be more of a Witch Doctor than a Medical Doctor, he wanted to give me a blood transfusion, I declined.

    Once in Cheng Sha I found a friendly Pharmacy who had no problem selling me Doxicyllin-a second generation Tetracycline.
    I was popping those on schedule, but not over schedule for more than two weeks and when I ran out, I felt I was well.

    A few days later, I awoke at 1 am to have a very bad experience in the bathroom that lasted better than an hour.

    I had some decongestants and took them as I desperately needed too, and attempted to go back to bed.
    The trademark of this illness is a drip in the back of my throat, which makes me cough as it drips into my lungs. No, sleep is not restful.

    In the morning I ate some oatmeal, stopped at the pharmacy on the way to work and went to work. On the way to work I had to find a trash can several times to vomit.
    It was mostly drip I was vomiting.

    There was no one to take my place and I went to work.
    My Teaching assistant arrives later than I do and he saw that I “”looked like death warmed over””
    arranged for my class to be moved to a Sunday instead of that weekday and took me to a hospital where inter venous antibiotics were administered 2 X daily for 3 days.
    Upon the final day I was congratulated for being healed, I did feel 100% better than 3 days earlier, but knew I was not healed.
    On the way to my hotel I bought some Azithromycin tablets (25g), the Pharmacists says they are stronger than Tetracycline, now I took both, I want to kill this bug before it killed me.

    I buy many of these and send them to my home, as well as take some extra on my person when I leave as my 5 weeks of class are over.

    Well the package did not arrive as it was supposed to, and in Beijing I couldn’t buy more antibiotics, it was a big problem, I ran out.
    A few days later, the horrible experience starts all over, and no sleep because of cough/drip in the back of the throat really drains you.
    I now have the antibiotics and am on a plan again. I noticed when I clean my ears with a Q-tip, one of my ears is very, very touchy in the canal. Just putting the Q-tip in the canal makes for uncontrolled coughing.
    I have deduced there is a reservoir of infection here and for some reason the antibiotics are not able to penetrate that area.
    Yes, cleaning this ear makes for a bunch of drip too, is uncomfortable to touch the canal.

    I may be wrong but maybe the blood vessels in this area are very, very small and the antibiotics I am taking are too large of a molecule to pass through the small vessels to the infection.

    This morning I started taking Ofloxacin ear drops in this ear, and did that make me cough.
    Surprisingly a local Pharmacist did not want to sell any of this to my wife until I saw one of the area Witch Doctors (they believe they are Medical Doctors, I believe they should have a chicken bone through the septum of their nose).
    Because I hoard medicine I had some and that Pharmacist is on my black list.

    Any and all advice would be appreciated, I need to get rid of this infection.

    If I have to go to an area Doctor for a prescription I will, but I better be able to tell him what I need because they sure do not know.

    My native Wife thinks the area Doctors are wonderful, even the guy who did my yearly checkup and told my Wife “he is a fat old American!”.
    My reply was, “how many years did he have to go to Medical School to be able to figure that out?” But she would not translate this to him.

    Thank you for your time.

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