Joint account? my score: over 800, his: very poor?

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    We are to be married soon. I bought a half-million home with money i have been saving up for the past 3 years. My score is practically perfect (compared to most) and his score is very poor.

    We have to create a joint account (whether I want to or not). My question is if I do have a joint bank account, will my credit be affected by his bad credit history OR will his credit improve b/c he is with me. For some reason, I think with bank accounts, the credit score is not going to be affected unless you go into collections.

    What about utility bills? is there a different standard? I dont’ think FICO scores are affected by utility but would that be a safe way to have a joint account without affecting my credit?

    Lastly, credit cards – which i know will be affected. will he drag me down or will my score bring him up – provided we pay our bills on time.

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