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    My fiance and I are considering relocating to Indianapolis to start out careers, he has just graduated college with a Bachelors Degree in Business/Econ and will be graduating with an Associates Degree in Business in May. Forbes has listed Indianapolis #6 for cities with good job markets.. I was looking to see if anyone would be willing to agree with them??

    We currently live in NJ.. you would think it would have been easy finding a job being so close to NYC… there is absoultely nothing entry level, and we do come across something that sounds ok it is a scam. We are both living at home and strive to move into an apartment and begin our lives/careers together. It just doesn’t seem possible to do that in NJ when the starting salary is around 25 -30,000 and a studio apt is $ 1200 a month…….. I have also been researching the housing in Indianapolis and it is a thrid of that!

    Please if someone could fill me in on the job market,nightlife,shopping,car insurance ETC.
    Thank you!!

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