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      Started rebuilding in March of 2012.
      MyFICO couldn’t generate a score. I really hadn’t used credit in years.
      Received a Cap1 secured card in April with a $500 CL.
      Had 3 old baddies removed in May using the DV process.
      Increased the Cap1 secured card CL to $1000 in May.
      Recieved a BoA secured card at the begginning of June with a $500 CL.
      Finally on June 18, 2012 MyFICO generated a score for me….658….Not too bad I thought!
      Today I received a score alert. 683!!!!!
      Three weeks and up 25 points!
      I’m on my way!!!!
      You can do it too! Keep at it a little bit each week. Your scores will be moving up also!
      Many thanks to everyone that posts on these forums! You taught me what I needed to do just by posting of your experiences.
      I’ll still be here. I have a ways to go yet.

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