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      I had a sear account that I placed in a debt management plan. The account was never late or anything like that. I only did it to pay down the account and saved my credit, bacause the payments were lower.
      Three months ago, I dropped the account (Sears) from the DMP and PIF. The account, all this time, was reporting as “Paid as Agreed”. As soon as my last payment posted Sears reported a zero balance (thank you very much), but also reported it as a Collection Account *with a DOFD as 4-12-12. This is blowing my mind. I know that they are in violation of re-aging but cannot find the statue/law *to add to the letter that I am writing them now for their dirty deed. I’m so upset right now.
      Could someone confirms that this is indeed a naughty deed on Sears part. Please also post the statue that they are violating too. Thank you!

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