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      I disputed an account with LVNV/Resurgent via CMRRR on 12/22/11, I received the signed green card back from them dated they received it on 12/27/11. Since then I have not received anything from them. I got a credit alert from experian saying there was potentially negative information being reported on 1/6/12, and guess who it is LVNV. Would that be considered as them actively still trying to collect? I know that it should still report the previous history that’s already been on the report while it is in dispute, but I didn’t think they could continue to update as if the account is not being disputed as valid without providing validation to me, the customer who requested it? Oh also, I live in Texas where if I understand it correctly the customer can request validation of a debt at anytime and the CA has 30 days to provide validation. Any insight?!?

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