Is this considered child abuse or neglect?

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      My husband has two sons, 13 and 10, by his ex wife. He pays child support monthly and lives in GA. He has joint custody of the boys, allowing him to see them every other holiday and during part of the summer (he petitioned the court for visitation after her refusal to let them be seen). She is married to a crack addict and they recently moved from their 3 bedroom 3 bath home to a 2 bedroom apartment. In this apartment the boys, and 3 of their sibling sleep in one room. One of them is 18. In addition, they have each been left back a grade in school and the oldest has behavioral problems. The youngest has asthma and she didn’t send his asthma pump with him AND refused to give us their medical insurance information, even after he had an asthma attack. We would like to petition for custody of the boys, but are being told by attorneys there isn’t a significant change in circumstances, but it is still worth a shot! Any advice or alternatives, would be greatly appreciated.

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