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    I reached a point several months ago where I felt there wasn’t much more I could really do or at least that I knew how to do. I was able to get several derogs off DH’s CR, and a good amount off of mine, but we still have quite a few to deal with. And I’d love to get input on what I should do next, if anything. *
    All of the accounts listed went delinquent in August 2007. The SOL has run out on all accounts. I believe the CRTP will continue for another two, two and a half years. I’ve settled some accounts and was able to get some things removed through GW letters or PFDs.
    These are the derogs on my CR:
    CO – American Express $3377 (in settlement until October 2012; will try GW at that point. So far they’ve reduced the balance as I’ve paid it down, but haven’t listed it as being in settlement or anything)
    CO – Bank of America $0 (sold to Midland Credit Management)
    CO – Capital One $0 (sold to LVNV; settled with Northland Group; LVNV was removed after settlement)
    CO – Chase Bank $0 (no known CA)
    CO – HSBC $0 (sold to Portfolio Recovery Associates)
    CA – Midland Funding $11,526 (from $5000 original limit)
    I’ve ignored Midland altogether. Large balances are intimidating to me because I expect them to put forth more effort to collect. They’ve sent the same form letter offering to settle every 3-6 months for quite a while now.
    CA – Portfolio Recovery Associates $2559
    I sent a DV to Portfolio Recovery several months ago. They sent back the best DV response I’ve seen or heard of (billing statements, original signature on the contract, etc.). I appreciate that they didn’t double or triple the balance I owed. *And if I’d had the money, I would’ve liked to settle and try to PFD, but that’s never been an option. *
    And these are the derogs on DH’s CR:
    CA – CreditOne $11767
    He was an authorized user on a business CC of mine that was charged off at the same time as the others. For some reason, neither the OC nor the CA was ever listed on my CR. They only send letters to him (form letter every 6 months). We disputed as not his account with the CRA, but it came back verified. We haven’t done anything else because it’s such a large balance and because we figure we might not accomplish anything but getting it added to my CR.
    CO – Capital One $0 (sold to Zenith)
    CA – Zenith $1511 (from $500 original limit)
    We sent Zenith a DV (certified mail, return receipt requested). They responded with a notice saying they would put the account on hold while they obtained validation. We sent another DV and didn’t receive anything. They’ve since sold the account to LVNV. We disputed with the CRA, but it was verified. We disputed again recently, and that investigation is still pending.*
    Anything I can do here? Initially, I hoped to at least get the CAs off and wait out the COs if I had to, but that’s proven to be more difficult than I anticipated.
    Thanks for your time and any suggestions.

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