Is there a way to clean reward cards?

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    I carry around these reward cards in my wallet (Hard plastic cards) and they get this dirt like thing on them and it sticks to the card is there a way to get them off?

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    soap and water? rubbing alcohol? – they are just plastic, as long as you do not disturb the magnetic strip. Practice on one you have already used up.

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    Sorry, no one offers a policy like that.

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    Just let your insurance company know, they remove you as a driver and then add you on when you are home. You get a lower rate for this instead of paying for the entire year. I believe all insurance companies do this now. I know Cooperators does.

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    I agree with the other person regarding some insurance companies can stop and start your insurance on demand.

    I think I did this back when I was in college (that was a long time ago!). Basically I had to call up the insurance company and tell them when I needed coverage and when I needed to stop it again.

    Call your agent. Just bear in mind if you go home for Christmas, you won’t have insurance when you’re home unless you “turn it back on”.

    Playing devil’s advocate, turning on and off an insurance policy may do wacky things with discounts on insurance that is based on being a “loyal customer” for “X” number of years. My auto insurance is gets a 5% discount for being with the company for continuously for years. You’ll need to ask if the start/stop thing will impact that.

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