Is shopping online on the playstation network with a creditcard safe.?

Credit and mortgage advice Forums Consumer Credit Credit Cards Is shopping online on the playstation network with a creditcard safe.?

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    I want to buy on the playstation network store but i dont have my own credit card, I need to convince my parents thatits safe so that they will let me use their credit card. The forums I looked in sucked. If you could give me your own experiences that would be great.

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    its pretty safe, ive had no problems, ie got a few PSx gmaes n SSHD.
    however be aware that if you spend mroe than is in your “Wallet” then it will automtcially top up the Wallet, its ?5 minumum in UK, dunno what it is elsewhere, so if you have ?3.86 left n wanna get Crash for ?3.99 it will top up your aacount wiht ?5 to make up the diffrence, so you will need to keep an eye on your spending.
    it will send oyu email’s when extra is added and youve bough something, so maybe set-up your email accoutn to forward these email’s to your parents then they can keep a closer eye on what your spending off theire card.

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    Yes it is safe but only on internet stores that are secure. Make sure that the lock symbol is displayed and then proceed. But if you spend over the amount you have in your wallet, it tops it up, so watch out!

    Hope I have helped.

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    Yes it is very safe. Thousands of people all over the world use it everday and there have been no incidents of people getting their cards hacked. If it wasn’t sony would fail as a company and no one would ever buy anything from the playstation store so it is in Sony’s best interest to provide a safe playstation network service for their customers so the customers will download and sony will maximize their profits.

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