Is it legal to buy life insurance for someone else?

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      I want to know if this is possible with or without help from an adult, and if it’s legal.
      I’m 13 and my grandmother is getting old. My dad lives with her but he has mental issues.
      I don’t think they’ve considered life insurance.
      A- If she already had life insurance would it be fraud to get ..well, more?
      B- Consider that her insurance money would NOT go to me. Neither would the inheritance.
      C- Could I do this without her knowing? I think telling her “Hey, grammie, you’re old, you’re gonna die soon anyways, let’s take care of the money first” SOUNDS REALLY BAD. Also, it could depress her. She doesn’t seem to acknowledge that she’s old…

      So I need legal advice.
      (Yes I know life insurance is a monthly cost. I’m willing to pay that.)

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