Is it feasible to move away from your home city after just one year at University?

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    I am about to start my first year at University in my home city, but I am finding I am more dreading it than anticipating it simply because I will be staying in the city I have lived in my whole life. During my last year of High School, I just naturally assumed, without questioning it that I would be going to University in my home city, but during the Summer break I found that, in fact, I desperately want to get away from here, but by that time it was too late (sorting out accomodation when residence halls are full etc etc) and I will be forced to stay here, and although I will be living in halls here (parents are moving to the countryside), I feel like I wont be getting the ‘proper’ university experience by staying somewhere so familiar, and am feeling very jealous of people moving away.

    I am wondering if, in effect, it is possible to simply move cities (or even countries) after one year, and if it makes any difference transferring after one year- will it be easier, with some experience under my belt, or harder as I have to adjust to a new life, leave new friends behind etc (here in New Zealand, I dont think its possible to stay in halls beyond your first year of study, so I would have to find a flat in an unfamiliar city, without the advantage of meeting people in halls etc) Its just not something I hear being done very much- it seems to be generally accepted to be ‘stay or go’ for all of your degree, not anything in between.

    (PS, finances arent really an issue atm)

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