is it be better to hire a lawyer for the loan modification for our

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      Just be patient, qualifying for a home loan usually takes months. The bank is probably worried that your wife could lose her job and then owe the student loans.

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      Most lenders require that payments made on behalf of a borrower by an employer, family member, etc. be documented for an extended period of time; usually not less that 6 months.

      Your request is reasonable however, and I feel you should be able to get a loan; all else considered.

      There are a few items which may cause additional issues, ie. whether or not you reside in a community property state, how long your wife has been employed, what kind of loan you’re applying for, etc.

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      mortgage adj instead of doing it on our ow? we submitted our loan modification at wells fargo but its been months and we haven’t heard from them

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      There is nothing a lawyer can do for you. Either you qualify or you do not.

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